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Mini (1959-2000)

Everyone knows the story of the construction of the Mini on Mr. Issigonis napkin. Whether it's true or not, in any case it matches the car: imaginative, unconventional and lovable. The fact that the Mini also drives very sporty, offers an amazing amount of space and was also very inexpensive is the basis of the legend.

We have four proven Mini professionals in the company, all of them with many years of experience in Mini rebuilding. Take advantage of the difference between buying spare parts and specialized trade in the interest of your project.
Timeless classic design Alloy rocker cover Rocker cover Part: £57.14 Incl. Tax
plus shipping rates
+ 1 x Rocker cover gasket (13299): £2.19 + 1 x Oil filler cap (13354): £10.00 + 2 x Rubber bush (1143): £1.86 Incl. Tax
plus shipping rates
Never again ignition problems Ignition system 123 iginition systems for A+ engines, programmable via Bluetooth interface Part: £335.00 Incl. Tax
plus shipping rates