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Parts and accessories for classic Mini.

Nothing transports England, the Swinging Sixties and London, the largest and most exciting city in the world, better than the Mini: a small car with a large variety of models and versions and over 40 years of production. We take up the challenge and have it all. From small sealing plugs to the bodyshell. From tuning ideas for the different engine types to the official light alloy rims. Click on the vehicle to get to the catalogue.
  • Mini (1959-2000)
  • New MINI (2001 onwards) New MINI (2001 onwards) It has been apparent for decades that the Mini, even if it was a sales success, would have to be replaced. At the beginning of the 1990s, the pressure grew that the A-Series engine would no longer be able to meet the emerging emission classes in the near future. So development of the "New Mini" began in 1993. When BMW joined Rover, a religious war was started. While Rover wanted to create a primarily useful vehicle in the spirit of Issigonis, the Munich colleagues focused on a sporty lifestyle vehicle. Bernd Pischetsrieder, incidentally a great-nephew of Issigonis, favoured the design of the American Frank Stephenson. The car will be built by BMW in the former Morris factory in Cowley.