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Characteristic: power steering unit and track rod ends with imperial threads.
Jaguar 4.2 long wheel base Saloons from 2T73869 (LHD) and 2T25109 (RHD) and also from 2T69451 (USA and Canada exports), Jaguar 3.4 from 3A5754 (RHD), Daimler 4.2 long wheel base Saloons from 2S50684 (LHD) and 2S11538 (RHD), Vanden Plas from 3C1771 (RHD).
Series III: from VIN 314061 (LHD) and VIN 313365 (RHD) to VIN 345389.

Adwest type power steering unit - Series II from January 1979, Series II USA and Canada exports from May 1978, Series III from February 1980 to May 1982 (fuel injection cars)