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Brake master cylinder

replacement for single line brakes with Dunlop cylinder. Characteristic: 7/8" bore size

Jaguar Mark II to 1962: 2.4 to 121081 (RHD) and 28155 (LHD), 3.4 to 171379 (RHD) and 180813 (LHD), 3.8 to 235262 (RHD) and 224653 (LHD) • S-Type: 3.4 to 1B8385 (RHD) and 1B26210 (LHD), 3.8 to 1B59333 (RHD) and 1B80269 (LHD)

The original Dunlop brake master cylinder is no longer available but may be replaced by part no. 213176 which uses this replacement master cylinder and other parts required to convert.