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The Jaguar Sports Car Collection

Author Christian Jenny
Pages 176
Format 300 mm x 240 mm
Blurb Those who follow the classic Jaguar scene closely will almost certainly be familiar with the name of Christian Jenny. He is one of the world's foremost collectors of sporting Jaguars, all of which have been meticulously restored, and all of which he regularly exercises in his home country of Switzerland – and sometimes further afield.

Christian's passion for Jaguar was sparked in 1970 when he purchased an early example of the new XJ6, and he goes on to explain how he moved on to a V12 E-type in 1978. That is how the 'sports car collection' really began! Or as Christian puts it, “I had tasted the sweet bait of seduction...” There followed a sometimes planned, sometimes unplanned, series of acquisitions which eventually went on to include some of the most historically important Jaguar sports cars in existence: the original sloping-tail S.S. 90 prototype, C-type (XKC 023), a Lister-Jaguar 'knobbly' (BHL 16), and the 1961 Geneva show E-type coupe (885005), the car which was on the Jaguar stand and which was the first E-type the public ever saw.

Also in the collection are SS 100, alloy XK 120, XK 140, XK 150 S roadster, 4.2 E-type, and V12 E-type. The individual story of each car is told, and how it was found. But aside from these more personal aspects, the book includes much information and historical data on Jaguar sports cars generally, including production figures, specifications and Jaguar milestones.

A major feature of the book are the wonderful illustrations. The story of each car in the collection begins with a superb studio shot, then moves on to any period photographs which exist, and a photographic examination of the car today. There is also a foreword by Norman Dewis, a long-term friend of Christian's, and an endorsement by Dr Ralph Speth, CEO of JLR and himself a great fan of sporting Jaguars. The book is edited by James Mitchell and designed by Julian Balme, and is printed and bound in England.