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First aid for your car

First aid for your car
Your expert guide to common problems & how to fix them. Written by Carl Collins, 128 pages with 140 illustrations, size: 210 x 148 mm, binding: paperback, language: English
Subtitle Your expert guide to common problems & how to fix them
Author Carl Collins
Pages 128
Format 210 x 148 mm
Blurb If you drive a car then this is the book for you. Avoid serious repair bills by learning what to do when something goes wrong.
Our cars are essential to us, and we rely on them for so much that it's hard to imagine being without them.
Doing the wrong thing when your car develops problems could cost you a lot of money and be a real inconvenience – but what if your car has a water leak, or if you discover oil underneath it? What if a warning light comes on? What could be the cause? Is the car safe to drive, or do I need a breakdown service or a mechanic? How can I get it to a garage safely?
This book covers the most common problems that can occur on modern cars. It's easy to follow, written in plain English, and is full of detailed photographs. Probably the most invaluable item you can keep in your car, and you only need basic mechanical skills to get the full benefit of this book.