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Formel 1

Formula 1
Pictures with a message. Written by Miquel Liso and Hartmut Lehbrink, 176 pages with 120 coloured illustrations, size: 290 x 270 mm, binding: hardcover with book jacket, language: English, German and Spanish
Author Miquel Liso , Hartmut Lehbrink
Pages 176
Format 270 mm x 290 mm
Blurb At present, Miquel Liso is the most exceptional talent of a new generation of Grand Prix photographers. The shots of the Spaniard are moving, telling the beholder fascinating things about racing by using an unconventional and new imagery. Regardless whether Liso is in the pit lane or flies over the circuit: time and again his pictures are surprising.

This is an elaborate tribute to young Miquel Liso, who already is a star in his home country. By the refreshing composition of his pictures he tells cryptic, thought provoking stories that are just delightful. Liso’s persuasive power evolves from unusual angles of vision, means of defamiliarisation, surprise, point, contrast and suggestive details. On top of that, he is always in the right place at the right time.

The picture range comprises action on the track, races at night, incidents, accidents, faces of the Formula 1, grid girls, team work, fans, photographers and a lot more. The book ends with thoughts on the recent Formula 1.

“Formula 1 / Fórmula 1” presents Liso’s most beautiful shots so far. The texts, written by Formula 1 journalist Hartmut Lehbrink who already published 37 books, come in three languages: German, English and Spanish.