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Electrical Systems
classic british cars - the essential manual. Written by Rick Astley, 176 pages with 375 coloured illustrations, size; 270 x 207 mm, binding: paperback, language: English
Your Guide to understanding, repairing and improving the electrical components and systems. The electrical systems used in British cars in the period 1950 to 1980 have gained some notoriety, most of it unfavourable and much of it undeserved. This book shines a light on the subject, system by system, including the murkier corners. Whatever their foibles, the cars remain the cherished possessions of enthusiasts worldwide. This book's contribution to making the electrical systems understandable and reliable will maintain the enjoyment the cars provide for many decades to come. Based on a formula proven in Rick Astley's previous and much acclaimed book, "MGB Electrical Systems", this new book breaks down the electrical systems of classic British cars into separate and easily understandable sections. In each, the components and system as a whole are examined in theory and chronology, to show how and why they evolved the way they did. With hundreds of colour photographs and diagrams, together with fault-finding tables, the veil of mystery is removed, allowing the owner to understand, repair and improve their cherished classic. This book is the definitive and indispensable guide to British car electrical systems, and deserves a place on every enthusiast's bookshelf.
Author Rick Astley
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