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Jaguar XK120

Jaguar XK120
the anatomy of a cult object, volume 1. Written by Urs Schmid, 272 pages with 1050 illustrations, size: 300 x 220 mm, binding: hardcover, language: English
Author Urs Schmid
Pages 272
Format 220 mm x 300 mm
Blurb This first volume is mainly dedicated to technical and body subjects showing original cars and components in all details and documenting all steps in the evolution of the breed.
Urs Schmid has deliberately chosen to stick with 120s at this stage due to the huge job of covering the field of all XKs, and this has enabled him to really get down to the fine detail. Looking through the proofs, it is almost like he has taken every part of an XK (including detailed engine parts) and photographed the different 120 versions of these side by side for comparison purposes.
An example is the front timing chain cover, shown in different versions front and back. All the blocks and heads are there also and detailed changes to crankshafts. It is like a super parts book with every detail photographically illustrated.
Another feature is the treatment of alloy 120s, where Urs owns one or two very original examples, and they are shown partly dismantled.
A book like Phillip Porter's Original Jaguar XK is also a magnificent achievement, but was written to the requirements of a commercial publisher (limiting things like the final size, number and size of photos etc) and therefore cannot hope to cover in the same depth as Urs has done for the 120.