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Hawker® Battery

Odyssey® PC1220. Sealed lead acid, engine starting battery. Technical data: 12 volts, 70 Ah, dimensions: 278 x 175 x 190 mm, weight: 20.7 kg
Odyssey® is built to withstand heavy shocks and vibrations providing up to three times the cranking current of conventional batteries. It can withstand deep discharge and accepts a fast charge and is used in power sports, automotive and marine applications
• VRLA technology
• 12V monobloc
• Rugged sealed construction
• Versatile - short duration high current pulse or low rate long duration applications
• Exceptional vibration resistance
• Air transportable - classed as non-spillable
• Avoids catastrophic failure at end of life
• 2 year storage life before recharging required
• No topping-up