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Rowe Automatic transmission fluid

Hightec ATF 9004
Rowe Hightec ATF 9004 is a high-performance ATF based on state-of-the-art additives and carefully selected HC-Syntheses base oils. It has been specially adapted to the requirements of Mercedes-Benz 5 speed (NAG-2/model designation 722.6) and 7 speed (NAG-2/model designation 722.9) automatic transmissions. Its optimized friction system ensures improve shifting comfort, even under full performance application and during the whole drain interval. This fluid is backward compatible to the former MB 236.14 and MB 236.12 and replaces them in almost every application (refer to manufacturer filling instruction). Rowe Hightec ATF 9004 is also suitable for vehicles of other makes, equipped with MB automatic transmissions (eg. Chrysler Crossfire, Ssang Yong, etc).
Oil Name Hightec ATF
Viscosity -
Base Oil partly synthetic
Specifications • MB 236.14
Scope multigrade
Filling Quantity 1 l