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Anti-freeze coolant

MG Anti-freeze coolant
for engine cooling system. Silicate based, colour: blue

MG MGF to VIN...YD512771

Antifreeze coolant is one of the most vital fluids in your car's operation, since it protects the engine from corrosion, from boiling or freezing temperatures, and helps transfer heat from the engine to the radiator. Based on ethylene glycol with corrosion inhibitors. A concentrated all year round protection anti-freezing liquid type with low freezing point, designed for all engine types including full-aluminium units. Meets the performance requirements of: BS 6580-1992, AFNOR NFR 15-601 and VAG TL 774 C. Colour: blue,, consistency: syrupy. Can be mixed with all ethylene glycol based antifreeze coolants
Filling Quantity 1 l