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Glysantin® Anti-freeze coolant

Jaguar Anti-freeze coolant
G40® - a premium-grade coolant that belongs to the new generation of Glysantin® products. Colour: reddish violet
This product employs hybrid organic acid technology (Si-OAT). It combines the advantages of coolants that contain silicates and those that are free of silicates, i.e. excellent protection from corrosion and a long working life. Glysantin® G40® is a concentrated coolant which must be diluted before use.
Motor manufacturers' approval codes:
• Audi: TL 774 G
• Bentley: TL 774-D/F
• Bugatti: TL 774 G
• Lamborghini: TL 774 G
• MAN (from December 2011 onwards): MAN 324 Typy Si-OAT
• Mercedes-Benz ( Trucks from October 2011 onwards): Specification 325.5
• Porsche (from 1997 MY onwards): 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera
• Seat: TL 774 G
• Škoda: TL 774 G
• VW: TL 774 G
Filling Quantity 20 l