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Glysantin® Anti-freeze coolant

Jaguar Anti-freeze coolant
G30® "Alu-Protect" - a premium-grade coolant that is free of silicates. Colour: reddish violet

Jaguar XK8 4.0 from VIN...042635 to A30644, XK8 4.2 from VIN...A30645 to B32752, XK8 3.5 from VIN...B00379 to B32752, XK8 5.0 from VIN...B32753 • X308 (XJ8) 3.2 and 4.0 from VIN...F00035 to F59525 • X350 (XJ) from VIN...G00442 to H32732 • S-Type from VIN...L00600 • all X-Type (2001-09) • all XF (from 2008) • X351 (XJ) from VIN...V00001

Glysantin® G30® is a premium-grade coolant that is free of silicates. This product employs organic acid technology (OAT). It contains organic corrosion inhibitors to protect the cooling system. Glysantin® G30® is a concentrated coolant which must be diluted before use.
Motor manufacturers' approval codes:
• Audi: TL 774-D/F
• Bentley: TL 774-D/F
• Jaguar: WSS-M97B44-D
• Lamborghini: TL 774-D/F
• MAN: MAN 324 SNF
• MINI Cooper Diesel (2007 MY onwards)
• MTU: MTL 5048
• Porsche (1996 MY onwards)
• Seat: TL 774-D/F
• Škoda: TL 774-D/F
• VW: TL 774-D/F
Filling Quantity 1.5 l