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C40 conversion kit for negative earthed cars. Capacity: 40 ampere, shaft diameter: 15 mm, PCD of fixing holes: 145 mm, Distance between mounting brackets (at the holes): 144 mm

Jaguar Mark II: 2.4 and 240 models (1959-69) • Daimler 2.5 V8 Saloon (1962-67)

MG MGA (1955-62) • MGB to November 1967 (Roadster to GHN3-138360, GT to GHD3-137795)

Mini Mini (1959-70)

Sprite / Midget From October 1962 to November 1967 (Sprite from HAN7-24732 to HAN9-72033, Midget from GAN2-16184 to GAN4-60440)

Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR3B, TR4 and TR4A (1952-67) • Spitfire MK1, MK2 and MK3 (1962-70)

Land Rover Late Series IIA from vehicle suffix 'C' (1967-71)

Morris Minor Series II and III, Series V to 1192908 (1952-67)

Alternator conversion in the original look
With our super light AC Alternator conversion kits all Lucas dynamos can be replaced. You can benefit from the following improvements: Since the Superlight Alternator is lighter it uses less motor energy and provides you with more power for the road. Half the weight, twice the power! The original look of your classic car is untouched, our product looks like the old Lucas, just hidden inside is the up-to-date high tec. Even your old regulator remains in the car, so the update is not visible. Remove your old dynamo and take of the pulley, spacers and washers and fit them on the alternator. In some cases you need to drill out the pulley with a 17mm drill. Ensure that the pulley is gripped between the nut head and the spacer. Tighten the nut by holding the flats on the shaft end, never insert anything into the commutator.