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Air conditioning

5939.44 GBP
Air conditioning
conversion kit with the best custom-made and most efficient parts available, ready to bolt on

Jaguar: Mark II (1959-69) • Daimler 250 V8 Limousine (1962-69)

This aircon set is a special design to fit all Jaguar Mark II and the Daimler V8 Saloon. The aircon is highly efficient even in hotter climates. Its design matches with the cars interior, technical parts are all modern and totally state of the art. This complete retrofit A/C is fitted under the dashboard. The installation is almost "bolt on": To install the system you need to install a small number of openings in firewall or gearbox cover. The radio console needs to be modified and pulleys on crankshaft need to be changed. A complete instruction manual comes with the kit.
Please note: Only for vehicles with original steering box.