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Exhaust system

677 GBP
stainless steel. 2" big bore type with straight thru main silencer and quad fan tail. For use with tubular manifold 207223 and link pipes

Jaguar E-Type Series 1 and 2 (1961-70)

The standard exhaust systems are no longer available and if you want to rebuild them, please use a material that promises calm for a long time.
First-class manufactured exhaust systems made of "Sheffield Stainless", a premium stainless steel that is supple enough to cope with the vibrations of an exhaust system.
Manufactured for the application - a professional solution
Accurate fit, fits perfectly under the car
Competition types with larger diameter and Straight Thru" silencers available. No loss of power due to resonances
Very attractive appearance with clean weld seams and correct bending radii.
Vehicle Type Approval N