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BAR'S ® Additive

Nural. Cooling system cleaner. Removes lime scale, rust and sludge, brings back the full cooling ability of the system. Good preparation before curing the system with Bars Leaks systems - enough for a 8 litre cooling sytem. With labelling in English
Corrosion (rust), limescale and other impurities (even engine oil) in the cooling system lead to functional faults (overheating) and thus expensive repairs. Typical causes for this include not changing the coolant in time and loss of coolant through leaks, only to be replaced with water. This leads to constantly new limescale build-up in the cooling system, which considerably hampers the conduction of excess combustion heat, and can also totally block the narrow channels. These radiator problems are recognizable through too high temperature displays or low heat output.
• Cleans all cooling systems acid-free
• Removes rust, limescale and other impurities
• Detects hidden faults before it is too late
• Will not attack metal (even light alloys or nonferrous heavy metals), rubber or plastic
Filling Quantity 100 g