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Castrol Additive

fuel protect - storage supplement for engine and fuel system. Dosage 1:200, enough for 50 litres fuel
Water in the vehicle's fuel system leads to the following:
• Running problems
• Reduced service life of components
• Corrosion and deposits
• Acids can also form in combination with alcohol that cause damage to components
What effect does Castrol Fuel Protect have?
Antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of fuel components in the presence of oxygen, thereby preventing deposits and sedimentation. Corrosion inhibitors coat all components that come into contact with the fuel with a protective film, which protects the fuel system and also the engine. Cleaning components dissolve carbon build-up in the combustion chamber, clogging of the carburettor and sticky deposits in the fuel-injection system. These become detached during storage and are effectively removed when you use your motorcycle again.
Castrol Fuel Protect
• Suitable for use in 2 and 4-stroke petrol engines.
• Not only gives the engine and fuel system effective protection when your bike is laid up, but also improves performance and service life.
• Can also be used in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters.
• Does not cause smoke emissions during combustion.
• Does not attack the materials normally used in engines and fuel systems.
Filling Quantity 250 ml