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Penrite Additive

lead substitute with octane booster. Dosage: 1:200, enough for 50 litres fuel
Octane Booster is a fuel treatment that will keep injectors and inlet valves clean and will also provide octane enhancement when used with either unleaded or Ethanol E10 based fuels.
Customer Benefits:
• Keeps injectors clean
• Improves power & acceleration
• Enhances fuel economy
• Prevents engine detonation damage
• Keeps inlet valves clean and free from deposits
• Benefits both newer and older type engines
• Prevents engine "pinging" due to low octane fuel
• Maximum protection against valve seat recession
• Reduces exhaust emissions
• Safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors
• Easier starting & smoother idling
• Suitable for unleaded and Ethanol E10 based fuels
Filling Quantity 375 ml