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BAR'S ® Additive

14.04 GBP
for cooling systems. Bar's Leaks Liquid seals and prevent sytem leaking for 12 month - for up to 12 litre sytems. With labelling in English
For the treatment of internal and external coolant leaks. Formulated for all year round use, to seal leaks immediately they occur and before serious problems arise. Regular use minimises lime scale, sludge and corrosion deposits in aluminium and cast iron engines, whilst providing water pump lubrication and protection. Bars Leaks is compatible with anti-freeze and all normal automotive cooling system components. Optimum performance will be achieved if cooling system is first cleaned and conditioned with Bars Flush. For cooling systems up to 12 litres. Not recommended for Rover 825/ 827 models.
Filling Quantity 135 ml