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5-speed gearbox conversion kit

5-speed gearbox conversion kit
complete kit with a brand new 5-speed gearbox with short remote and special clutch plate

Austin Healey BN4, BN6, BN7, BT7, BJ7 and BJ8 (1956-68)

Complete conversion kit including gearstick position adapter, 9.5" clutch drive plate, adapter plate and spigot nose bush. 5th gear 0.63:1 complete with speedo drive. In addition you need the BJ8 clutch cover (part number 1143) and the BJ8 release bearing (part number 11454).
This kit is compatible with your current mechanics if your interior is similar to the middle shift gearbox. Vehicles with side shift gearbox need in addition the gearbox tunnel (part number: 321212).
Please note: the original propshaft must be modified to fit.