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20th Century Classic Cars

20th Century Classic Cars
100 Years of Automotive Ads. Written by Jim Heimann and Phil Patton, 496 pages with many coloured illustrations, size: 315 x 240 mm, binding: hardcover, multilingual edition: German, English and French
20th Century Classic Cars offers a lush visual history of the automobile, decade-by-decade, via 400-plus print advertisements from the Jim Heimann Collection. Using imagery culled from a century of auto advertising, this book traces the evolution of the auto from horseless carriage to rocket on wheels–and beyond. With an introduction and chapter text by New York Times automotive writer Phil Patton, as well as an illustrated timeline, this volume highlights the technological innovations, major manufacturers and dealers, historical events, and influence of popular culture on car design. Here are car trends as reflection of the zeitgeist, from the thrifty VW Beetle to the lumbering, gas-guzzling Hummer. Time-travel through the Automobile Age, with a collection that puts you in the driver's seat.
Author Jim Heimann, Phil Patton
Pages 496
Format 240 mm x 315 mm