Jaguar S-Type modern (1998-2007)

With a length of just under 5m and a width of 1.82m, the S-Type is one of the more compact Jaguar models and is in a class higher than the X-Type. This luxurious saloon is becoming an attractive collector's item precisely because of its idiosyncrasies. If you would like more information or have any questions about the model, you will find all the answers here.

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The core of the X200

The X200 is based on a modern platform and shares this with its successor, the Jaguar XF, among others. There are six different power levels to choose from, designed for petrol and diesel. Of particular note is the 2.7 D V6 Biturbo, which consumes just under 6 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres according to the test cycle.

The Jaguar S-Type exists in three equipment lines. "Classic" is the version for the general public. The "Executive" is the well-equipped car for the management. The "R" equipment is technically and visually more sporty.

The Executive version of the S-Type offers the most variety. This has all engines to choose from. The only exception is the 4.2-litre V8 supercharger, which was only fitted in the S-Type R. Enthusiasts of this spirited little gem have to dig deeper into their pockets, as it was introduced with many dynamic updates.

Comfort and equipment

The amount of space is adequate for the vehicle class, even if it is not luxurious. Thanks to the extendable seat, even tall drivers can comfortably nestle into the soft leather sports seats. In the rear space it can be tight.

Visually, the classic stands out with particularly pleasingly and fluid lines. The powerful engine of the "R" models in particular allows a confident driving - and thus a classic driving pleasure in true Jaguar style.

It is not only the driving experience that is impressive - the equipment also leaves hardly anything to be desired by Jaguar enthusiasts: The standard safety package includes numerous airbags, ABS and a brake assistant. Dynamic stability control supports the vehicle's superior handling.

When navigating tighter spaces, the S-Type provides parking assistance. The smooth driving experience is complemented by a multifunction steering wheel and cruise control, allowing you to sit back and relax.

The S-Type combines a retro look with a modern driving experience

The S-Type was visually designed in such a way that its appearance points to its kinship with the Jaguar Mark 2. In particular, the playful-looking radiator grille and round headlights draw the eye and create an individual look with its own unique appeal.

The sporty, gallant exterior typical of the Jaguar was not optimally complemented by the interior at the beginning. For this reason, the S-Type was redesigned in 2002, taking its inspiration from the XJ. This was convincing. Especially the executive equipment makes the hearts of luxury lovers beat faster.

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