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Jaguar Oil pressure switch

Jaguar Oil pressure switch
100 PSI

Jaguar XJ6 late Series II and all Series II models (4.2: Saloon RHD from 2T.16592 and 2S.7128 - LHD from 2T.60747 and 2S.50257, Coupe RHD from 2J.2128 and 2H.1636 - LHD from 2J.52478 and 2H.50036, Vanden Plas RHD from 3C.1307 - LHD from 3C.50003, 3.4: RHD from 3A.3233 and 3B.2161 - LHD from 3A.50806 and 3B.50002) # XJ12 late Series II and all Series III models (Saloon RHD from 2R.4022 and 2K.2271 - LHD from 2R.55840 and 2K.50126; Coupe RHD from 2G.1198 and 2F.1109 - LHD from 2G.50933 and 2F.50119; Vanden Plas RHD from 2P.1950 - LHD from 2P.50152), XJ40 to VIN...594575, XJS V12 to VIN...179736